Lymphatic Massage

reduces stress - increases circulation

improves lymphatic system - boosts immune system

quietens nervous system

shoulder, neck & arm

        30m -  $ 40 total

quick relief, for those wanting attention paid to problem areas. long, soothing, effleurage strokes across the shoulders, decollete, and gentle strokes along the neck and into the shoulders

      30m      45m     60m 

       $ 40        $56        $73

        total        total       total


soothing, long, slow, effleurage strokes to bring complete relaxation, and to quieten the nervous system

lymphatic massage of face and neck

30m -  $ 45 total

after cleansing, a massage dedicated to pressure point and long rhythmical strokes to boost and calm the complexion by stimulating the lymphatics of the face and neck. a very relaxing and effective massage. excellent for all skin types and conditions - dry, sensitive, comb, oily, acne, rosacea

lymphatic massage of body

 1hr - $79 total

gentle lymphatic massage assists lymph flow and increases lymph’s effectiveness in clearing toxic waste.   this massage is performed over the sheets

if you're feeling lethargic, tired, bloated, swollen, run down, or just plain blah!, then lymphatic massage is a wonderful treatment to aid in bringing back vibrancy

Attendance at the spa is by appointment only

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an ancient tradition

Relaxation Massage